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"All children have within them the potential to be great."

Subject Intent: 

The PSHE curriculum at Zaytouna provides opportunities for our pupils to develop the emotional literacy, skills, knowledge and attributes they need to play a positive and successful role within our society, now and in the future. These skills will help our pupils to stay healthy, safe, socially aware and prepare them for modern British, Islamic and School values. PSHE lessons will prepare children for being good citizens.  They will develop emotional intelligence and the ability to articulate their feelings in order to maintain good mental health as well as understanding the importance of their physical health and being healthy.


Although the vast majority of our children are from the Islamic faith, they come from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences.  It is important that we build upon these experiences, to provide understanding of the diversity in our local community and country, in terms of race, religion and relationships. Our pupils will have a secure knowledge and understanding of their world, locally, nationally and globally, giving them the confidence to tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up within a modern, multicultural and diverse society. Our intent is to develop tolerant, respectful young people with good mental wellbeing and empathy, who are able to form and maintain positive relationships with others. Our pupils will be well prepared for the next stage in their education and future lives.