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Zaytouna Primary School


Our EAL Coordinator is Mrs Kirsty Struthers.


Contact details:

01332 383379


At Zaytouna Primary School, we are exceptionally proud of all of our pupils and value their diversity, uniqueness and variety of abilities. We are confident that we provide a vibrant and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of all our pupils so that everyone is and feels included. We want all our pupils to experience success in everything that they do, and we are fully committed to providing each pupil with the best possible learning environment for them to maximise their full potential.


The Zaytouna Vision for EAL


We consider a child’s home language to be a core element of their cultural identity and we want to celebrate the range of languages spoken in the school as well as encourage continuing development in children’s home languages alongside their acquisition of the English language. We aim to support children with English as an additional language (EAL) to make rapid progress in their English language development through a focus on the teaching of core vocabulary in each subject, so that they can access learning in all areas of the curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that accurate assessment ensures that pupils are provided with learning tasks that meet both their cognitive and English language needs. We have an inclusive approach to learning, and prioritise Quality First Teaching as the most effective way to enable EAL pupils to make the necessary progress required to diminish attainment differences with non-EAL pupils. Additional interventions will only be used in cases where it is determined that a child requires additional, not alternative, support to help them make the expected progress.