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Zaytouna Primary School home page

Zaytouna Primary School

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to be a School of Excellence.

We will achieve this by committing to developing our mind, body and soul. Through all that we do.


Our ambitions for achieving this are:

  1. To be ambitious pioneers of excellence
  2. To redefine what it means to be a leader
  3. To fall in love with learning for life
  4. To be brave enough to do things differently
  5. To seize opportunities to work in partnership
  6. To be healthy and active, ethical and successful participants in all aspects of society
  7. To create a legacy: “Children are living messages we send to a future we will not see.” (Sir John Jones)


Underpinning our mission and vision are our three core values of peace, unity and equality. Alongside our unwavering determination to become a school of excellence, our core values drive the decisions we make and are evident in all aspects of school life.


#Peace #Unity #Equality