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Zaytouna Primary School

Our Islamic Distinctiveness

At Zaytouna Primary we are dedicated to transforming the futures of young people and the community we serve. Through our values of peace, unity and equality, and our mission statement: “everyone a learner, everyone a leader”, we want children to understand their own intrinsic value, have hope for their future, learn to show respect to one another and have the opportunity to explore what they believe. Islamic values are at the centre of every decision made and action taken. These values are the driving force in providing a holistic, distinctive and unique Islamic education for our children. Our values underpin all aspects of school life.


Collective worship:

Our daily collective worship takes place in the Prayer Hall. All children at Zaytouna are given equal opportunities in all areas of QIS. Prayer is fully inclusive, with both boys and girls taking an active role. Friday speeches are also equally distributed amongst children. Engaging the children in prayer duties encourages them to develop social and communication skills. This helps children to understand the value of equality and fairness. Daily prayer is performed in congregation together. In addition, Jummah is performed together, as Friday is considered to be a sacred day of worship.


Islamic and Quranic Studies:

Children engage in a fully rounded entitlement that includes a wide range of Islamic learning (Aqeedah, Quran (Tafseer), Seerah, Hadith, Fiqh and Islamic history) which provides an in-depth and accurate understanding of Islam and the Quran, supporting them to become good Muslims who play an active part in wider society.


Islamic Studies is the study of the religion of Islam and its culture. It investigates the ways in which our religion and culture influences society.  Quranic and Islamic Studies at our school is a way of life; it is designed to help our children to live their lives according to the values of Islam and British Values. We believe that these combined form a set of human values by which children should lead their lives.


We are proud partners with the Association of Muslim Schools.