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Islamic Studies

"Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Jannah easy for him."

Subject Overview:

The importance of a fitting and sound education in a person’s life cannot be over emphasised. It is sufficient to say that Allah began the revelation to His Noble Prophet with the word “Iqra” (read) and our Beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged the whole ummah to rally around the same Qur’anically inspired sentiment when he said: “Allah did not send me to be harsh, or to cause harm, but He has sent me to teach and make things easy.”


Our Islamic Studies curriculum is based on sunnah pedagogy and links to the essential human values, which allows teachers to take their pupils’ learning to a deeper and more practical level.


Subject Intent: 

At Zaytouna Primary School, we believe that the basic function of teaching children Islamic Studies is to provide children with a good understanding, knowledge and skills that will enable them to play a significant role in their community and the wider societies. The focus of the Islamic Studies Curriculum is in coherence with the wider school curriculum, it has been developed in a way to meet fundamental aspects in children’s life in school and beyond, this includes:

  • Building children’s Islamic identity alongside respecting the faith and beliefs of others.
  • Meeting the religious needs of the children, e.g. learning of prayers and interpretation of some Suras (Chapters) of the Quran.
  • To build upon the diversity and links between the children’s beliefs and the beliefs of others.
  • To create a sense of wellbeing and community with the wider society through increasing the Islamic knowledge of children, such as the importance of respecting and helping all people.
  • To have a modern style of teaching when delivering the Islamic studies knowledge e.g. using technology like virtual online learning.


We are proud of promoting some programmes that develop a sense of belonging for our children through, art, Islamic songs (nasheed) and sports. Moreover, we proud of the school community cohesion were both Muslims and non-Muslims staff have been working together to meet the needs of our children in the whole aspects.

Year 6 Quranic Recitation

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Year 3 Quranic Recitation

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