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Zaytouna Primary School


"the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something or someone."


Every Friday afternoon all children have the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences through our Enrichment Programme that broadens and strengthens our school curriculum.


Not only does such an opportunity bring about excellent learning opportunities that can be applied within the school curriculum but develops our young people with regards to confidence, self-esteem and resourcefulness that are essential skills to be the leaders in the 21st Century.


Last year, our curriculum enrichment entitlement included:

  • Year 1 trip to Twycross Zoo
  • Year 2 FarmVention project
  • Year 3 visit from Roman historian
  • Year 3 trip to Roman museum, Chester
  • Year 4 visit from Ministry of Chocolate
  • Year 4 trip to Cadbury World
  • Year 4 FarmVention Project
  • Year 5 ArtCore art and design provision
  • Year 5/6 trip to the Houses of Parliament
  • Year 5 visit from WW2 historian
  • Year 6 Author visit from Elizabeth Laird
  • Year 6 trip to Derby Refugee Advice Centre
  • Ghazzali Children’s Project.
  • 15 sporting competitions involving 172 children in Autumn term
  • Transform Enrichment Diploma (TED)


Our complimentary enrichment programme included:

  • Establishment Week Enrichment Events:
    • Circus Mania
    • Drumz Aloud
    • Pro-kick Challenge
    • Archery Tournament
  • Weekly “knowledge of the world” assembly programme
  • Visit from Jonny Walker on National Poetry Day
  • Visit from Islamic Calligrapher, Haji Noor Deen
  • Judge school for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2020
  • Involvement in the Transform Trust Winter Performing Arts Festival
  • Children in Need Community Day
  • Standing Ovation inspiration assembly


Our Golden Enrichment Time entitlement included:

  • Table Tennis
  • Kurling
  • Origami
  • Running
  • Sewing
  • Recorders
  • Islamic Art
  • Islamic Cinema
  • Nasheeds
  • Book Club
  • Football skills
  • Ball sports
  • DJ skills
  • Performance Poetry
  • Competitive maths
  • Digital animation
  • Scripted drama and performance
  • Improvised drama
  • Traditional board games
  • Experimental science
  • Mindfulness
  • Vlogging and YouTubing
  • Art