Welcome to the Governors section of Zaytouna Primary School. We do hope you enjoy browsing through and learning more about the work of the Governors.

Since the school joined Transform Trust in September 2018, we have gone through a transformation in terms of how we govern at Zaytouna. We have restructured our meetings allowing us to focus on continuous school improvement so that we can help secure the best possible outcomes for our children in terms of their achievements and attainment. We want to ensure that we provide quality first teaching and that our staff team are supported and invested in to ensure that our children experience quality teaching and learning that stretches, engages and nurtures learning. We want children to have the best time and to have fun so that learning becomes a natural part of their lives.

Our 5-year ambition, starting in 2019, is to become a 'school of excellence' school. To do this, we need to have a strategic plan with clear annual milestones plotting our every step. The first of which is to ensure that we embed high expectations and aspirations and that our children at least reach national expectations in terms of their attainment. We can only do this with quality first teaching in every lesson along with support from children and our parent/carer community to continue the learning at home.

Our part in achieving our ambition is to ensure that the School's leadership is fit for purpose and that we have the right school priorities. We want out school community to share our ambition and have a say in the development of these priorities. As a Governing Board, we will monitor regularly the progress of the school on its performance and we will hole the leadership team to account for this performance. We will ensure that school resources are allocated appropriately that support school priorities and, by working together, we hope that you will share in our ambition.

Oh mankind, we have created you all male and female and have made you nations and tribes so that you would recognise each other. The honourable amoung you in the sight of God is the most pious of you. God is all-knowing and all-aware. Al-Quran (49.13)

Arshed Ahmed, Chair of Governors, Zaytouna Primary School.

Zaytouna's Governance Board Members

To become a member of the Governance Board, each individual must meet certain criteria and each year we complete a range of compliance documentation, including declaring any interests we may have, any close relationships with others across the Trust, any other roles whereby there may be a direct or indirect connection, and any third party transactions.

All of which are declared on a register of interests which can be viewed in the documents list below.


Arshed Ahmed          Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor

Aftab Gulzar              Chair of Resources Committee

M Islam Ejaz             Parent Governor

Amy Turner               Headteacher

Burhaan Khandia      Staff Governor

Clerk: Sheila Laithwaite

Our Term of Office is for 3 years and this starts from the date of conversion. For most, it was from 1 September 2018. Our agendas are sectioned into four key areas:

Part 1: Strategic Governance

Part 2: Financial Governance

Part 3: Stakeholders (Staff, Parents/Community and Pupil Council)

Part 4: Statutory Duties

Timeline of Meetings for 2018-2019

Spring Term 2019

Wednesday 3rd April     Resources Committee

Wednesday 8th May     Full Governing Body

Summer Term 2019

Wednesday 22nd May - Resources - Budget Meeting (cancelled)

Wednesday 24th July   Full Governing Body     

In addition, the following meetings will take place:

  • Spring Term - Standards Meeting with the Trust CEO and any available Governors
  • Summer Term - Standards Meeting with the Trust CEO and any available Governors

We also undertake monitoring visits. During the Spring Term 2019 visits included: Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Leadership, Teaching & Learning and progress towards school priorities.

All our meetings are Clerked. If you wish to get in contact with any member of the Governance Board, please contact  at:

Monitoring of Governance Board Meetings

It is also a requirement that we show our attendance at our formal Governance Board meetings. This can be viewed in the document list below.

Effective Governance

To ensure that we are effective in our roles and meeting the expectations and requirements outlined in the DfE's Governance Handbook, we undertake a range of training and development along with a lot of reading to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest legislation and policy development. For more information about the role of school governance, the folloiwng are helpful links:

Governance Handbook, Competency Framework and Clerking Competency Framework:

Academies Financial Handbook

We are also members of the National Governors' Association: and The Key for Governors:


As Governors, it is essential that we keep our training up-to-date to ensure that we are effective and focusing our work on the right areas. Through the Trust we are able to access a range of face-to-face training including:

  • Induction
  • Governors Leadership Development (INOJI - commissioned through the Trust)
  • Chairing@Greater' Depth  Depth (INOJI - commissioned through the Trust)
  • Safeguarding (Child Protection, Safer Recruitment, Prevent, FGM, CSE, E-Safety) Data Protection (GDPR)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
  • Health & Safety
  • Finance
  • Conducting a Monitoring Visit
  • Performance Management
  • Exclusions
  • Complaints

Along with online training through SSSLearning which is largely focused on a range of different safeguarding themes.

We have all completed the skills audit which enables us to identify what further training is needed - both for the individual and as a group.

Statutory Duties

We are also responsible for a number of statutory duties including:

  • Ensuring that the school provides a broad and balanced currciculum
  • Ensuring that the school complies with the Equality Act, Health & Safety At Work Act and the Employment Act
  • Ensuring that the school complies with the Special Educational Needs and Disability legislation
  • Ensuring that we seek and listen to the views of our stakeholders: staff, parents and children. All these groups are represented in our Governance structure

Arshed Ahmed is our named Safeguarding Governor.

Our meetings are structure such that Part 4 of our agendas are to ensure that we meet our statutory duties and this also where we look at Trust and School policies, correspondence etc.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Our School doesn't just rely on its own performance information. They engage with both the Trust and external organisations who come in different times during the year and undertake a range of different reviews to assess and look at what is happening right across the school. This gives Governors confidence in what we are being told in terms of overall performance of the school and that our children are receiveing the best possible learning.

Snapshot of Governance for 2018-2019

  • Working through the changes required for when joining a Multi-Academy Trust from a single Academy Trust
  • New Chair appointed in January 2019 by the Trust
  • New monitoring framework for Governors to focus on key school priorities
  • Chair attends the Trust's Chairs' Forum to network with other Chairs from other Trust Schools
  • New format for reviewing Standards with the Trust's CEO and Governors
  • Supported the recruitment and appointments of Senior Leaders at our school
  • Focus on investment in the buildings to maximise space and environment - both indoor and outdoor
  • Governor present throughout KS2 SATs
  • Balanced budget to be agreed for 2019-2020
  • Staffing structure to be agreed for 2018-2019
  • Trust and School policies in place
  • Pupil Premium Allocation, Strategy and Impact Statements reviewed and published
  • Sports Premium Allocation, Strategy and Impact Statements reveiwed and published
  • Admission Arrangements reviewed, agreed and published
  • Full review of Governance and any changes to be in place for 2019/2020


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