Year 2 Teacher - Khartoum


Sinead Hogan

Hello, my name is Mrs Hogan.

I did my teacher training (PGCE) at The University of Derby, prior to that, I studied Sociology as an undergraduate at The University of Hull.

From being young I used to play ‘teachers’ with my sisters and friends. And as I stood there with my chalk board and books, and reading to my ‘class’ I knew then that I wanted to be a teacher. But just to make sure, I tried a few other careers beforehand.

My favourite subject to teach is English, because it sparks creativity and a love of story telling and understanding. There is nothing quite like the ability to enjoy a great story.

I love muddy walks in the countryside with my dog, going out for nice food, and watching rugby league. I am a huge fan of a team called Hull FC who I have supported since being a young girl.

My favourite series of books are the Harry Potter books.

Fun facts about me:

  • I used to be a cheerleader for the rugby team I support.
  • I used to be a house captain of over 250 children when I was in sixth form.
  • I love drama and imitating accents so much, that I do it almost everyday at home, and have done since being younger.
  • I always thought I would make it as a professional singer until someone recorded me singing and played it back to me.
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