Midday Supervisor


Shazia Majid

Midday Supervisor

My name is Miss Shaiza and I am a Catering Assistant at Zaytouna Primary School.

I was born in Pakistan educating mainly in Psychology and Business. I then moved abroad to the UK and gained variety of experience in my professional life which lead me to this amazing school.

I have now been with this school for many years and this is practically my second home!

I have progressed from my time at this school and I currently assist with the catering facilities of the school also covering any other duties.

I always knew I wanted to work with children as I always use to desire of wanting my own so I created my own family at a young age and I’m a proud mother of seven children.

I believe that catering and serving the needs of children is a vital and a very rewarding role. The children are amazing individuals and I’m glad I am able to work in such a role and environment.

When I’m not working at school I’m busy scheduling trips with my children and friends and travelling to all sort of places some which are; London, Wales, Scotland, Morocco, Dubai and Paris/ Disneyland. The list can go on and on but I believe to cater the needs of my children and the children of the school resulting in crediting them for their achievements as this brings me great joy and happiness.

In my spare time, I like to practise arts and crafts. I like drawing and designing. I create canvases and artistic candles. I also carry out henna patterns as well as participating in charity events and fairs.

In addition to this, I read a lot of storybooks chosen by my babies at night and then I spend my own time in watching interesting crime documentaries and resolving them before they have come to an end.
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