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Saleem Amaireh

Hello! I am Ustaadh Saleem. I have a BA in Arabic language and literature, MA special educational needs and PhD in inclusive education. So technically, I’m Dr Saleem!

I completed my teacher training both in Jordan and the United Kingdom; teaching at secondary and primary levels. My qualifications and training were fundamental to me in developing my ability in teaching profession.  

I became interested in teaching after realising how much I had benefited from excellent and passionate teachers. They exuded a real sense of enthusiasm for learning which inspires me to pass on that passion.

I teach Arabic Language. I believe knowledge of Arabic among young people brings wider benefits; a deeper understanding to Arabic language not only to read and study the Quran, but also to understand Arab culture and to integrate into the Arab and a multi-cultural world.

I believe that a positive attitude towards teaching is a matter that has a long lasting impact on an individual.  I wish to share with my students knowledge that in return not only leaves them with fond memories of learning, but also aids their development and allows them to excel in future life. Alongside my aspiration towards teaching, I enjoy reading mystery books, spending time with my family and biking.

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