Midday Supervisor


Saima Nadeem

Midday Supervisor

My name is Ms Saima Nadeem and I am a very proud Midday Supervisor at Zaytouna Primary. I really enjoy being here and during my time at Zaytouna, I have gained a lot of skills, learned a lot and made really good friends. I have also gained a lot of confidence as well as learnt more ways to help others as well as children.

I really enjoy working with children because they stay really happy with me as well as they listen to me. I really enjoy being a midday and I really love working in Zaytouna as the atmosphere and environment in Zaytouna is amazing!

I have also completed a ESOL course as well as a OCN course and a First Aid course. I have also completed many courses related to food hygiene.

When I am not at school, I am busy with my kids and I enjoy spending time with my kids: having dinner as well as when shopping. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and shopping with them. I love to go on trips and adventures with my family and friends and we love spending time together.

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