Patrick Mannion

Hi, I’m Mr Mannion and I am one of the HLTAs in school, working primarily in Upper Key Stage Two. I received a BA (hons) in History from Newcastle University before going on to qualify, in 2014, as a Level 6 Primary PE Specialist.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a very active and inquisitive person who loves to compete, learn and challenge myself – and it is this that ultimately created my desire to work in a school. I love how fun, fast-paced and informative the school environment can be, and, above that, I love being able to share my enthusiasm and energy with those around me.

My favourite subjects are Maths, History and PE. For PE in particular, I find it is a fantastic avenue for both children and adults to express themselves, socialise and simply feel happy and energised. Still to this day, I play for 2 football teams, go to the gym and attend a gymnastics club – and despite my ageing limbs, I do not plan on stopping any time soon!

When I’m not running and somersaulting around, I like to spend my time travelling and learning about new places and cultures. I am also currently attempting to learn Spanish – although it is proving more difficult than I anticipated! Occasionally, I also work as Jason Statham’s stunt double.

Finally, when it comes to reading, I am a big fan of the magic/fantasy genre. Aside from the obvious Harry Potter series, my favourite book is Mistborn: Final Empire, or anything from the Mistborn trilogy.

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