Lead Associate - Transform Trust


Liz Barratt

My name is Ms Liz Barratt and I am so honoured and excited to be part of your school community. I work for Transform Trust and my main job is to work with the adults in your school so that learning and leading are excellent. I lead Transform Applied which focuses on ‘adult learning and development’.  I always look forward to working with Zaytouna staff because you all believe that  ‘everyone’s a learner and everyone’s a leader’.  We have this in common – it’s what I care about too.

I always wanted to be a teacher (my mum and dad were both teachers) but for the first 20 years of my career, I worked in secondary schools. Now I work with primary schools and I love it!  My favourite subject is Geography but over the years I have also taught History, Religious Studies, Computing and English.

I love reading and learning; I always have a book or a kindle in my hands. If not, you’ll find me listening to an audiobook.  I also love to travel and see the world.  That’s why I studied and taught Geography for so long.

I have a BA (Hons) Geography degree and a Masters in Education from Durham which is in the north east of England.

When I’m not working with the adults across the Transform schools, my favourite hobby is to go wild water swimming in lakes. I always go when and where it’s safe. It tends to be very cold but I love the fresh air and the wildlife.
When you see me in school please do say ‘hello’. I will always be excited and interested to hear about your learning and your leadership.

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