Lisa Kilpatrick

Hello, I am Mrs Kilpatrick. I am the English (Reading) Lead across school.

I completed my degree at Trinity and All Saints College which is part of the University of Leeds.

My degree is a BA Hons (QTS) Geography and Education.

I joined the teaching profession as I have always wanted to make a difference to children’s lives. I believe that it is important that everyone learns to read and enjoy books and then use these skills to learn about the wonderful world we live in.

I enjoy the teaching of English – both reading and writing. I also enjoy the teaching of Geography. It is important that children learn to appreciate the world around them and that idea is now crucial with the environmental challenges that we face.

When I am not teaching I lead a Rainbow’s Group, which is the youngest section of the Girl Guides. We enjoy craft and adventurous activities including staying away overnight.

You may be interested to know that I love to ride horses. I have ridden horses for over 30 years and enjoy participating in local dressage competitions.

My favourite book is “International Velvet” By Enid Bangold.

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