Kawthar Al-Tawaha

As- Salamu Alykum, my name is Kawthar Al-Tawah, or Mrs K when I’m in school.

I achieved a BA in Arabic language and  a High Diploma in Islamic studies in Jordan. Overall, I have 23 years of teaching experience, both abroad and in the UK. My teaching experience ranges from primary schools to secondary boarding schools.

I have also taught A-level Arabic as a second language to non-native speakers at college.

My favourite subject to teach is Islamic studies.

I joined the teaching profession after experiencing the influence a teacher can have on a student’s life. In addition to this, in Islam, this profession has huge importance as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) introduced himself as a teacher.

I hope my teaching and sharing of knowledge has a positive impact on a child’s development and will remain with them in future life.  The knowledge my student attain brings me great joy and happiness.

In my spare time I enjoy reading psychological books, walking and spending time with my family.

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