Trust Governor


Jon Fordham

My name is Jon Fordham and I am the proud headteacher of Allenton Community Primary School.  My teaching career began and progressed in various schools in Derby and, as a result, I am totally invested in improving outcomes for children in Derby.  

Having worked for and with a number of schools across Derby, I truly believe that the staff and children at Zaytouna are the best!  They have worked tirelessly to create both an environment and culture that is inviting and exciting to all who pass through it’s doors. 

As a Governor, I am specifically responsible for pupil premium and the Quality of Education so I get to see first-hand the experiences children are afforded by coming to Zaytouna Primary School and the difference it makes to their education. 

Professionally, I am a local leader of education (LLE) and have worked with a number of schools locally and nationally.  I am a facilitator for NPQs and have also delivered sessions for ITE on researching practitioners and metacognition.   I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of research papers and co-authored on a 2 books focusing on Research in education and developing Resilience, Reflectiveness and Reflexiveness in children and teachers. 

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