Reception Teacher - London


Jessica Woodward

My name is Miss Woodward and I teach in EYFS! I trained to be a teacher at Nottingham Trent University, I studied Primary Education (BA Hons) specialising in Early Years (3-7) I trained for four years in a range of schools around the East Midlands and I also had the opportunity to work alongside young children and adults in America.

I have wanted to teach from a very early age, I believe it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, there is something very exciting about working with energetic and ambitious individuals every day. When I think back to my primary school teachers, I can remember them well, I hope that I may make a difference to your life just as my teachers did to mine.

My favourite subject to teach is mathematics, maths is fun! My Grandad was a maths teacher and my inspiration he made maths exciting and interesting and my aim is for everyone to share the same feeling about mathematics. Maths is relevant to everyday life and the real world, maths encourages us to become problem-solvers!

My hobby is to travel; I love travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, to date I have travelled to 36 countries and plan to increase that number very soon! On the weekends, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I really like getting my nails done you might often see with glittery nails, I love a bit of sparkle!

My favourite book is the Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, it is a tale about magic and friendship! In the story, the author describes a secret room that you enter through a secret door, I would love to visit this room!

An interesting fact about me is that I was a published poet at the age of eleven!

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