Midday Supervisor


Imtiaz Bibi

Midday Supervisor

As- salamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

I am  Miss Imtiaz, a Midday Supervisor and Cleaner at Zaytouna Primary School.
I have been with Zaytouna for a long period of time and I have witnessed the school to develop into a successful place of learning for children. My life is this school and I love every minute of it!
I have gradually evolved and my role here consists of a Midday Supervisor which is a very versatile role also covering any additional duties required. Overall, it is an individually important role but most importantly a team effort.
I was born abroad in Pakistan and I was educated in the compulsory subjects and gained my qualifications. I then moved abroad to the UK and gained a vast amount of experience in my professional life which progressed me in my career and I was introduced to this loving school.
I am a proud devoted mother to my grown children and I always had a passion to move into a field which involved children.
From a young age, I use to babysit and help my family and friends and took on a lot of responsibilities and this is where my passion grew.
I believe children are truly a gift from God. They are lovely, kind human beings who are always spotting me outside of work and greeting me and I’m grateful to be working in such a rewarding role as it brings a lot of peace and happiness.
Outside of my working life, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I’m also love cooking and cleaning. I love learning and creating new recipes, sharing them and participating in charity word. I love travelling to historical places.

In addition to this, I love reading poetry and sometimes drafting it too. One of my favourite book is by Yasmin Mogahed- Reclaim your Heart introduced to me by my child and I definitely recommend it!

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