Gail Parry

My name is Gail Parry.

I am a qualified HLTA and have a range of responsibilities around  school including RE, PDMU, School Council and Children’s Parliament.

I chose a career working as a HLTA because I like to try and make a positive difference and make a child’s time at  school  as enjoyable as possible.

My favourite subjects  are of course RE and PDMU as they are protective and nurturing.

In my spare time I like to explore different areas of the country on foot and go on 8-10 mile walks most weekends.


I enjoy reading a variety of different books but my favourite children’s stories have to be the Winnie the Pooh tales by A.A.  Milne.


I have not always worked in Schools I started my working career as a Herds woman working on a farm in Hampshire.

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