QIS Teacher & Community Governor

Burhaan Khandia

Hello, my name is Muhammad Burhaan Ismail Khandia

I learnt the art of teaching and instructing “on the job” and from my father who mentored me and coached me as a Quran teacher from a young age.

I completed my A Levels in Biology, I.T. and Business Studies before travelling for over 10 years to Yemen, India and some cities in the UK to acquire traditional Islamic knowledge from qualified orthodox Islamic scholars. I was then given a license and instruction from them to teach about Islam.

I wanted to be an astronaut then a pilot and then a dentist! Allah willed that I be a teacher.

My favourite subject to teach is Islamic spirituality. I love the love, depth and beauty of the subject and the profound impact in can have on its students.

My hobbies include reading, natural health and healing, business, traveling and honey!

My favourite books is Hearts Turn by Michael Sugich

You may be interested to know I own a raw honey company and I’ve been fortunate to travel to many different countries around the world including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco, Switzerland, Malawi, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Turkey…

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