Chair of Governors

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Abdul Basit

Chair of Governors

My name is Abdul Basit. I am currently the manager of Radio Ikhlas, chairman of Be Inspiring Project and Derby Crisis Response. Whilst my studies have been in IT Networking, Cyber Security and Cryptography, I have been working in various roles within the community over the last 13 years.

These roles have enabled me to contribute significantly by assisting young people in personal and career development, supporting families that are on low income by providing food bank services and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in our community by holding regular youth activities and workshops.

I have joined the Zaytouna Primary School governing board because I believe that our young people deserve the very best intellectual knowledge through reason and logic as well as religious and spiritual knowledge. Zaytouna is currently providing the best of both worlds and it is important for me (just as it would be for many parents) to ensure our school stays on-course. This journey of becoming a school of excellence is by no means an easy one, however we are dedicating to achieving this.

My hobbies include photography and videography. I also do a lot of reading (with so many books in my bedroom, I’m still surprised there is room for me!). One of my favourite books of all time must be ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki.

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