Reading at Zaytouna

Our curriculum is designed to nourish a child’s mind, body and soul and in  the same way as physical activity is exercise for the body, we believe that reading is exercise for the mind.

At Zaytouna we want our children to become enthusiastic, engaged readers and to develop a life-long love of books.  We introduce the children to a range of good quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry books through our whole-class, core-text approach to teaching reading.

We prioritise reading to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer and as a school we value both reading for pleasure as well as reading for instruction; we know that being able to read fluently and comprehend what has been read are the building blocks to future success. 

In the early stages of reading, children are taught to decode words using phonic skills as their main approach, alongside which they learn sight vocabulary.  A rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading. Once grasped, the focus for developing reading is on understanding and comprehension.  

We are committed to ensuring our children have a positive relationship with reading and we work tirelessly to ensure our provision is the best it can be. Have a look at some of the initiatives we have been involved with this year and the provision we have on offer:

Storytime with Miss Townsend

Storytime with Mr Iqbal

Storytime with Miss Khandia

Storytime with Mr Lees

What have we been up to?

Brand new library facilities

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Blue Peter Book Awards

We are exceptionally proud to be one of only 14 schools in the UK to be chosen as a Judge School for the 2020 Blue Peter Book Awards in association with The Book Trust.

Not only will 40 children from Year 5 and 6 get to critique the shortlisted books – both fiction and non-fiction – but Zaytouna has also been chosen to host a film crew for the day so they can get our thoughts captured on film.

This is a huge success for our school and we are very proud to be involved in such a prestigious event.


Foyle Foundation Grant

The Foyle Foundation was formed after the death of Christina Foyle. She was the daughter of William Foyle who, with his brother, founded the family owned bookshop Foyles in Charing Cross Road, London, which she continued to manage after her father’s death.

As a Foundation, they award grants to schools and charitable organisations to fund the development of library facilities.

Back in October 2019, Zaytouna applied for such a grant. We are very pleased to announce that we were successful in securing a £5000 donation which will be spend on library books.

Over the coming weeks, children from each year group will be asked for their views on what titles – fiction and non-fiction – should be bought with the money.

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