P.E. & Sports Premium

Tackling childhood obesity is a global priority, and in many countries schools are playing an increasing role in getting students active. But with a packed curriculum, exam pressures and limited resources, inventive thinking is cruicial to getting pupils moving.

We have used part of our sports premium funding to give pupils the opportunity  to take part in local sports competitions. We aim to enter as many competitions as possible. As some of the competitions take place afterschool we allocated a certain amount of funding to provide transport to and from the venues.

Our PE coordinator regularly attends local training sessions covering a variety of sports, this can then be trained out to other members of staff who take PE lessons. We also use a section of the funding in making sure we hold stock a variety of sports equipment so that we can offer a wide range of activites during PE lessons.

Sport can really help people to feel like part of a team. That may sound really obvious, but it is missing from a lot of young people's lives. PE can also be an opportunity to develop resilience and independant learning skills.

Zaytouna Primary School's aim is to sustain our high level of PE activities in school by giving all our pupils every opportunity to take part whether it be through inter school competitions, afterschool sport clubs or during timetabled PE lessons.

Details of our P.E. & Sports Premium allocation and how we intend to spend our funding are below: