It is the right of every pupil at Zaytouna Primary to feel safe and secure at school and to have every opportunity to enjoy learning without distraction from others.

It is the right of every teacher and adult at Zaytouna Primary School to be able to teach without obstruction and to work in a mutually respectful and professional environment.

It is the right of every parent to know that their child is safe, treated fairly and will be supported to develop the skills to enable them to engage positively in our communities.

At Zaytouna Primary School we:

  • Teach responsible behaviour to our pupils using a range of strategies

  • Raise pupil self-esteem and awareness of wider community and societal expectations of good manners and personal conduct

  • Are explicit about what adults and pupils in the school can expect from each other

  • Integrate behaviour management into all areas of school life through a structured and consistently applied hierarchy of praise and sanctions

  • Ensure that our school community can work free from intimidation and bullying by acting robustly when issues arise

Read our Behaviour Policy


Zaytouna Primary School aims to:

  • Create a welcoming, safe and caring environment where welfare is paramount

  • Develop respect and understanding for people’s opinions, views and beliefs

  • Develop a clear understanding of right and wrong

Bullying affects everyone; not just the bullies and the victims but those who watch bullying take place as well as friends and family of both the bullies and the victims.

Bullying is not and should never be an inevitable part of school life or a necessary part of growing up.

At Zaytouna Primary School, we believe that every pupil has the right to learn in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. Therefore the school takes bullying very seriously.

Read our Anti-Bullying Policy.