Attendance and Punctuality


Attendance and Punctuality

At Zaytoua Primary we believe it is vitally important for pupils to attend school regularly and punctually. This will given them the best opportunity to progress and achieve their full potential. Good attendance and punctuality will also encourage pupils to become responsible and resilient individuals which will serve them well in the future.



  • We expect every pupil to attend school for at least 97% of the time.
  • We expect pupils to arrive on time every day.
  • We will support parents in their legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually.
  • We believe family holidays should not be taken during term time. We are not obliged to authorise requests for holidays during term time.

Types of absence
Unavoidable absence
At Zaytouna Primary we believe family holidays should not be taken in term time. We will not authorise any holidays except in exceptional circumstances.

Absences which are considered unavoidable maybe authorised by the school. These include:

  • General illness, unless your child is classed as a Persistent Absentee.
  • Attending certain religious festivals or ceremonies which have been agreed with the school.
  • A medical or dental appointment that could not be made outside of school hours.
  • Being in hospital or having hospital treatment.
  • Attending a funeral with family.
  • Taking part in a public performance or an examination.

Avoidable Absence
Absences which are considered avoidable will not be authorised by the school. These include:

  • Minor illness or looking after an ill relative.
  • Looking after the house or waiting for workmen/deliveries etc.
  • Looking after brothers or sisters, including dropping them off at school or nursery.
  • Helping with housework or a family business.
  • Being unhappy or not getting on with others at school.
  • Being up late the night before.

Persistent Absentees
These pupils with very low attendance are classed as persistent absentees. We will work hard to support these families.

Any pupil with attendance below 90% is a persistent absentee.

Attendance in school is monitored closely every day. If you have any questions or concerns relating to your child’s attendance and wish to discuss further, please contact the attendance lead Mrs Robottom on 01332 383379.

Phil Meynell is the Attendance Officer for Transform Trust, he visits each Derby School at least once a week and works with the staff at Zaytouna to improve attendance. He will also carry out home visits on behalf of the school where necessary.

Unauthorised absence from school carries with it the risk of intervention by the Education Welfare Service. This can mean criminal prosecution for non-school attendance.

Further information can be obtained by vieiwing:
School – truancy | Derby City Council

Attendance Rewards

  • Certificate for each class who achvieves the attendance target (above 97%)
  • Certificate for each class who achieves no late marks
  • Half Termly attendance cup and certificate highest attendance (above 97%)
  • Termly attendance medal for each child who achieves 100% (Bronze = 1 term, Silver = 2 terms, & Gold = 3 terms)

Well done to Year 6 Tarim Class!  – Autumn Term 1 Winners with 98.5%!


Well done to Year 6 Fez Class! – Autumn Term 2 Winners with 98.4%!


Well done to Year 6 Tarim Class! – Spring 1 Term Winners with 98.5%


Well done to Year 6 Tarim Class! – Spring Term 2 Winners with 98.8%


Well done to Year 5 Jilan class! – Summer Term 1 Winners with 99.7%


Class registration starts at 8:30am, we expect children to be sat down in their classroom at this time.

Late children are closely monitored on a daily basis, please allow enough time to get your child to school on time.

Children arriving late in a morning oftern feel embrassed about walking into a classroom when lessons have started, they may also miss out on imprtant information during registration.

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